Clearwater, FL, USA, Thursday, June 24, 2009


Hello everyone, we would like to offer a FREE Xbox Code if you will help advertise on YouTube.

Please make a short movie approx. 1 minute long about PlayStation Network or Xbox live , or Wii, or WoW or Music iTunes , movies etc… almost any idea is accepted upon review,please make sure in the background or somewhere on the screen is advertised 4SALEUSA.COM .

Once you done, send us an email and we will get back to you within 24H with FREE code.

Please be a part of our small but fast growing online gaming International community.


We would like you to have a opportunity to win a FREE Xbox, PSN , Wii , WoW, iTunes code.

We will start inserting Free codes on this site everday. Please check daily.

More info here: You welcome to talk with the community and admin over the Forum / Blog. We are open for all suggestions / feedback’s to help cooperation between us.


Horace R.President of,

Net Logistics Inc. C/O

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4saleusa’s Blog

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