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October 5, 2010

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Buy Only Legal Apple iTunes Gift Certificates from USA distributors !

October 5, 2010

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August 17, 2010 sells Products in USA & Internationally .Our company was established in 2004 and has been selling in the online community in our store since 2008-2009 – we cordially invite you to shop for high quality electronic devices , online games , games codes, subscription codes such as xbox , sony, wow, wrath , wotlk, mmo , mmos,  iTunes, playstation, psn , virginmobile , tracfone, nexon, rapidshare and much more- See our New Products. Our main office is located in Clearwater Beach, Florida USA. We are obligated to charge FL sales tax (~7%-only from Florida residents).

  • Net Logistics Inc. c/o
  • P.O.Box 3482
  • Clearwater , FL 33767
  • USA


Phone: 0-1-714-280-6299   (USA phone)

Email Support:

OPEN 11am – 11:30pm EST (New York Time)

[We do take a midday break]

Live Chat ( if we are too busy we do not activate the chat, sorry) But we are online – Please email us , this is the fastest way to get reply.


Our team is a part of Net Logistics Inc. Florida


Information: We have a live person delivery system, which means every order is dispatched by us personally by hand. Due to few fraudulent transactions in the past we do not offer automated instant code delivery , sorry. One fraudulent transaction makes a delay for all of us, we are small company with small margin on each product we offer for sale, and we cannot afford any loses to keep our prices as low as possible for your satisfaction.



WE SELL OFFICIAL CARDS DISPATCHED THE SAME DAY.ONLY 1ST TIME BUYER HAVE TO BE VERIFIED BY US OVER THE PHONE – EVERYONE, EVEN INTERNATIONAL BUYERS. Make sure you have VALID Phone number listed in your Paypal account or credit card.Only 1 (one) item per NEW customer for first month!

4SALEUSA.COM reserves the right to cancel or delay the Transaction for a buyer who did not pass Fraud verification process. A report will be filed for illegally purchasing a card using a hacked PayPal account or any other type of Cyber crime. Any account associated with such activity will be suspended by Xbox , Microsoft , iTunes or Sony. Please leave your feedback / COMMENT after you are satisfied. NEW CUSTOMERS: If you are purchasing for the first time from us, you will be limited to one purchase per DAY for the first month. After one month, there will be no limit to the amount you may purchase. Transactions that attempt to circumvent this rule will be canceled. Wholesale available! Ask for quotation depends of your Country.

Wholesale buyers: Every one who wishes to purchase wholesale quantity of the Digital Delivery codes needs to follow terms above for standard buyers for first 45 days , after that we can rise the limit at our sole discretion depends on the buyer history and factors which we are obligated to collect such as auction ID (Ebay/Mercado, etc…) , all these rules apply to PayPal payment and credit card payments only. Sometimes we can establish sooner, the Buyer’s Wholesale Account depends of the documentation we receive, we can make exceptions. If you pay by WU or Bank Wire Transfer we can make an exception and send almost unlimited quantity immediately upon the payment. Thank you on my.opera



June 25, 2009

Clearwater, FL, USA, Thursday, June 24, 2009


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More info here: You welcome to talk with the community and admin over the Forum / Blog. We are open for all suggestions / feedback’s to help cooperation between us.


Horace R.President of,

Net Logistics Inc. C/O

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4SaleUSA – Most Fabulous OnLine USA Electronics E-Shop.Free Shipping! Subscription Codes such as Xbox Live , sony network psn cards , itunes gifts, USB Drives, SexShop items, Car Paint Testers and much more…

June 6, 2009

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June 6, 2009


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